Hey all! Redbeard here. A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at Duadikos. Setting up a company is hard work. I’ve had lots of chats with laywers, accountants, and fellow game designers. I’ll spare you the boring paperwork stuff and get to the juicy bits.

Baker Street Heists was a big hit at this week’s Game Maker’s Guild meetup, but those of you who have played it knew it would be. ;) More importantly, I got some great feedback and new ideas, which is the whole reason to show it to other gamedevs in the first place.

  • Player heist tokens: I get this feedback frequently with new players, but I’ve managed to get by without it so far. Since each player is only allowed to be on one heist of each size, it can be difficult to track who is eligible for new heists. I have found that generally people are able to keep track of their own, but it’s more more thing to remember. Baker Street Heists is meant to be a deduction game, not a memorization game.
  • Irene’s card: A small but important note: Irene is not allowed to sabotage heists, but it doesn’t say that on her card. This lead to some easily avoidable confusion.
  • Information exchange audio: A realy great idea someone had was write a thematic story for the information exchange (which is pretty boring right now), record it, and post it on the site! This would reduce mistakes, as well as provide a fun way to start off the game. Totally on the todo list.
  • Knowledge graph: The back of the cards have a diagram on who knows who at the start of the game. This needs some serious lovin’, which is in the works.
  • Props: People love the theme, and want it emphasized even more. Props and trickets would help with this. Having the Heist tokens be thematic in some way would help with this. Having some decent art should help too. Speaking of which…

ART!!! I’m working with a real life artist to make some decent eye candy for Baker Street Heists. Not many details for now, but in a month or so I should have something to show.

Leaving Lucerna got a new chapter. I hope you like it. :)

Two shout outs

I wanted to give a special thank you to Arjen and Bob at Heresy for some especially keen game design and marketing feedback. Thanks guys!

One game that was at Game Maker’s Guild was Getsome (now on kickstarter). I can’t wait to play it, and just after seing the fantastically hilarious art and text and listening to the rules explained I pledged to back it. Seriously, even if the game mechanics don’t tickle your hardcore strategy itch, $25 buys you a great time.