Hey all, Redbeard here. Things have been busy lately, mostly dealing with taxes, legal paperwork, and other boring stuff. Between all that, I squeezed in quite a bit of playtesting for Baker Street Heists. Good/bad news time:

Bad news: Baker Street Heists 5 player game is broken.

Good news: I found out that Baker Street Heists 5 player game is broken before tryig to publish. ;)

Here’s the scoop: In a 5 player game with Brutus, there is _almost_ no way for the Cops to win. Brutus can guarentee a 2 player heist, and pretty much guarentee a 3 player heist. That means the Robbers will def get 1 out of the three heists that happen in a 5 player game, and all they need to do is score one more to win. What’s really bad is there is an absolutly nothing the cops can do against the following: if Brutus is on the first team, and that is a team of two, and that team succeeds, then the other Robbers can vote up a team that has literally any other player on it to score the second heist and end the game. The cops _have_ won on occassion, but it is no where close to balanced with Brutus’s ability to guaruntee a heist for the robbers.

Therefore, Brutus will only appear with 7 or more players. The Corrupt Magistrate will be nt eh 5 player game. This is a litte bit of a downer for me, cause the Magistrate’s ability (knowing Brutus) is absolutely useless in a 5 player game, and thus he is no longer special. It’s the only way to make it work though.

I also managed to get a couple hundred more words on the latest chapter of Leaving Lucerna, and a little bit of progress on a secret project.