I wanted to let you know about exciting new developments. I’ll be going to Boston Comic Con in order to spread the word about the upcoming kickstarter for Moriarty’s Machinations! I don’t have the budget for a booth, so I’m going to sandwichboard it up and hope I don’t get kicked out.

There has been an ongoing secret progect to make a shiny new website (again) for duadikos.com! I’m trying something different this time. Last two times, the website was built by folks who are super tech savvy, but look and feel is not their forte. The new website (which just launched at the pseudo public staging AWS server) is being built by someone who rocks at making things look AWESOME. We’re still debugging, but hopefully in the next couple weeks this place will be looking much spiffier.

A friend has approached me and said that I should be more public about all the things I’m learning on how to start up a gaming company. My response was that I wanted to wait until I was a bit more successful before presuming to preach pearls of wisdom. Her response was: “Don’t. Just share what you know in the right context. That’s how your readers connect with you.” After some soul searching, I think she’s right. I’m going to give it a shot at least. I have learned a lot in the last nine months, and I’ll be sharing some of that in (near) future posts. Hopefully some of it can be useful.