Hey all! This month we released the public beta of Baker Street Heists! It’s a werewolf type card game (if you’re familiar with those) where Moriarty and Sherlock are leading teams against each other for fun and profit! The playtesters have been having fun (so far), so check it out and let us know what you think. On the Leaving Lucerna front, the last chapter was a little lacking so I lengthed it, and there is a new exciting chapter for you to feast your eyes on.
Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying a great new year. Boston (our home base) is all snowed in, but we’re still cranking away to deliver great games. December was a bit of a slow month (it’s hard to get people to playtest with all these holidays), but we still managed to crank out some improvements. Pillars of Ardalith spell system got legit organized, as opposed to being a total jumble.
Hey all! Today is the first day that we started seeing ads on the site, so I wanted to explain what that was all about. Here at Duadikos, our business strategy is to provide “free” content (as much as possible). While it won’t cost you any money to play the core components of our games, there is a different kind of cost: ad provider networks track user visits. We are currently using AdSense, and you can choose to opt out here.
Hey all! It’s been awhile since our last update, but we’ve been busy here. As you can see, the site has gotten a major facelift. There’s more where that came from (as you’ll see soon). Also, Pillars of Ardalith had some major rules revisions, especially the melee conflict sections. Lastly, Leaving Lucerna ch2 is up for your enjoyment!
Hey all! Duadikos.com is officially official now. Yay! Pillars of Ardalith is the first product, which includes a prebuilt world setting (Ardalith) and a unique new tabletop RPG system (DOTT). This is just the beginning, so expect many more interactive entertainment morsels to come (of all genres), as well as constant improvements on existing ones. We will also have a periodic post of the story Leaving Lucerna (written by Redbeard). We hope you enjoy!