Hey all! Last month has been pretty quiet. I’ve mostly been researching and getting quotes from manufacturers and distributers for Baker Street Heists’ upcoming kickstarter. That and finalizing trademarks. Both of these things are taking a surprising amount of time. :( Art has gone through several feedback cycles and is nearing completion! I hope to show it off soon, but I’m waiting for the final polish. I’m also hoping to get this website looking a bit prettier. It’s functional, but could be so much better.

And now for the main event! I’ll be at Knight Moves Cafe in Boston this Friday for public playtesting! All are welcome, but the meetup pages (for those who want to RSVP) are below:

Blind Playtest (for those who have never played before): http://www.meetup.com/Game-Makers-Guild/events/194025862/

Intense Playtest (to try to find any flaws in the game): http://www.meetup.com/Game-Makers-Guild/events/194026942/

I hope to see you there!